40th Mextesol congress.

MEXTESOL is celebrating 40 years with an excellent event in Queretaro and we are part of it.

We belong to the biggest Association of English Language Teachers in Mexico and the world. We are proud of the work that MEXTESOL does to bring its members a lot.

Here in Michoacan we are working hard to go to Queretaro and be part of the group of professionals who will be attending the 40th international convention.

As a result of this work, four Michoacan teachers from different educational levels in the public educational system will be speakers at the event, which means that they are doing good things.

It is possible for you to be part of great events, we just need work together and support each other. Let’s show people that in Michoacan there are hardworking professionals who do their best for education.

See you in Queretaro!


Want to get international experience?

Hello readers!

Mextesol Chapter Michoacán is organising a trip to the National MEXTESOL convention. This year it is going to be held in Queretaro city, Queretaro.

Our package includes:

•Round-trip and hotel-event-hotel transportation.
•Three nights at Casablanca Hotel (4 stars).
•Four buffet breakfasts
•Membership and entrance to the event.
•And a courtesy trip, for those interested in going, to the magic town of Bernal and to the vineyards in Tequisquiapan.

If you want, you can take your family with you and go on vacation. The cost for those who do not want to attend the convention is cheaper. This means you don’t have to pay the entrance fee and the membership.

We will be receiving your payments at the Library of the IMCED from 10:00 to 17:00 until july 30th.



Academic Sunday

Academic Sunday

The end of the school year is close, students are getting more and more excited, teachers have lots of work to do, parents are afraid of having their kids all day long at home, and we, we are working hard to give you a great academic event.

Work at the end of the school year may be exhausting, but teachers have to get things done. We think we must get together and reflect on our work, and then prepare ourselves to start the new term with enthusiasm and full of energy to do our humble job.

We share you this link  and these images to get further information on the Academic Sunday “Closing Together: Reflections and Resolutions for Another Year.”



Communicative Approach

As part of our new blog, we will be posting a weekly journal that is one of the benefits of your membership. This week there is a video and two questions for you. This video shows a class in which the Communicative approach in ELT is used.

A good question for you would be if your class is similar to this one. Another question would be, for those working in NEPBE (PNIEB)- What similarities can you find between this approach and the Sociocultural approach, which is the base of the program?


“We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.”
Ben Sweetland

You may be wondering the reason of being of this post.

Ben Sweetland metaphorically describes our profession. Being a teacher is like being someone who helps people to grow up. We do not transmit knowledge but take people with us and share our knowledge with them, so that they can take what they need to grow.

When we teach, we learn. It is impossible not to do so, as Ben Sweetlan says, it is impossible to light another’s path without lighting our own path.

As we know, one of the objectives of the organisation is to promote and create situations in which English teachers can learn a lot while they share their own experiences and knowledge.